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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Still alive and kick'n.

Looks like 2 weeks since my last post, lets see whats happened.

 The leg. 
I got some pictures somewhere and will put them up some time. 
I got the staples pulled out 2 weeks after the initial injury.  Thats the longest I've waited to have suturers removed.  It swelled up pretty good for 10 days.  Had me worried that it had got infected, but all the leg, except for the cut area is back to normal.  Doc gave me the OK to get back on the bike (the trainer).1st night back on the trainer I had a spot open and drip a little blood. Other than that the pedaling seems to be helping the leg get back to normal.

The shoulder.
Doc gave me the ok to get back on the bike for that too.  Although he didn't explicitly say the mountain bike, and I didn't explicitly ask.  I went out to the Rose and tried doing a lap a week ago.
Nope, its not ready yet.  I did a lap but had to hold back on anything technical.  The shoulder doesn't feel like it has the strength to handle the rough stuff.  I'll give it another 2weeks and try again.

To pass the time I'm back on the trainer in the basement. 
I had my 1st MTB with slicks on the trainer.  I went about changing out the seatpost after the accident.
That SOB would not budge.  Over a period of 3 nights I soaked it with a lubricant ,put a torch to it, and put a pipe wrench on it while beating it with a small sledge hammer. It didn't move AT ALL.
I ended up taking the road bike and putting it on the trainer.  Next step is to flip it, take out the bottom bracket and spray some lube from the bottom.
If that doesn't work, I'm at a lost.  I guess I'll need to trash the bike.

Next doc appt is in 4 weeks.  Until then I'm doing a little bit of lifting trying to build the strength.
So far I've gone from 5 to 10 lbs doing deltoid raises. For reference, I use a 45lb dumbell on the good arm.
Baby steps.


ChrisJ said...

Not the Niner I hope.....

Anonymous said...

Nope. A 2005, 26" Trek 4500.
Cost a whopping $375 when I bought it.

ChrisJ said...

Not bad...