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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend update 33 day till...

Well we can kiss another month of Summer goodbye, Seeya July.
Time for a rest day, I'm tired.
Cut my grass. Advice for the guys. If you don't really feel like the mowing the lawn and your not sure if it needs it. Don't ask the wife's opinion.  More than likely the bitch will say, yes it needs to be cut. It was mid 90's and a shitload of humidity. I bet her opinion would have been different if it was her pushing the mower.
 Later, my rear shifter has been having some sticking problems lately. I thought I'd just take the cover off and see how involved it would be to take it apart and clean.
Oh boy.  Shouldn't have done that. There is no "just" taking the bottom cover off of a SRAM X9 trigger shifter.  1st thing happens is a spring pops out of its position. This is never good.
Long story short, got pissed off after 90 minutes and decided to leave it till tomorrow. So much for me getting an early start Saturday morning.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday morning. Ok, lets look at the shifter with a brand new fresh optimistic attitude.  After 20 minutes, it still doesn't want to go together and I'm just as pissed off when I quit last night.
I start thinking I'm going to have to buy a new shifter cause I can't get this back together.  In my mind this is almost as bad as the guy who needs to have his wife pick him up from the training ride cause he's bonked. 
A little searching on the internet and looking at diagrams and I give it another shot.
I don't know how, and I probably couldn't do it again, but it finally fell together correctly.... and actually worked better than when I started.

Load the bike up and make the drive to St.Marys River Park south of Leonardtown.
This is the park with the 7.5 mile loop that constantly beats you up. Root city. Theres no resting.
Not really looking at mileage , just thinking I'd like 4 hours of training.
I get in 4 laps at the place and am starting to feel it.
I managed to get in 1 more lap, which included my only crash. I was tired, almost hit a tree and went down with my foot stuck in the pedal.  Thats what I get for not adjusting the tension on the new pedals yet. 
38.5 miles and close to 4 hours of body pounding riding. 
Once home I find that I've been infested with little black dots, that move.
I don't have a clue what they were, only that they itched like hell and it took 2 showers and a scrub brush to get rid of them.  
Easy ride with the slow guys at Cedarville.
My ass was killing me. I'd try to get off the saddle at the slightest little bump.
And as if I hadn't sweated enough for the weekend, over to Moms and mowed her lawn.

Health front: Saturday after my ride 206.4.  I'm pretty sure this is the lowest I've ever been as an adult. Who am I kidding. I was fat kid. Its the lowest I've been since I was 15.  By Sunday it jumped back up to 208, but the average is still slowly going down.  If I can't keep the weight on, I'm going to have to change from Clydesdale to open male division.  I'm slow for a clyde, it would suck being in the open division.

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