Just 99 miles to go

Friday, July 08, 2011

Feeling fast not the same as being fast.

Did a time trial at the Rose before meeting up with the slow guys at 6.
Felt pretty good. Felt fast.
Time ended up being 46:15.
Not even close to my best time.
I did have to dismount for some deadfall and had to wait for a group of riders with kids to pass, but still that might have added 30 seconds.
Feel like I'm going backwards.

Trying to get a list of stuff together I need to repair the mountain bike.
I replaced the drive train a few months ago so thats good.
-new brakes (looking at the brand new Hayes Prime).
-new grips.
-rebuild the WTB laserdisc hub. (EVERYBODY is out of stock except those that want a premium for it).
-I've got new shoes coming anyday.
-new pedals (I've got play in them)
-new rear tire.
-re-build my whole rear wheel. The alloy nipples have been breaking at the rim 1 at a time. I want to sit down and just replace them all at once. I'm not buying rims again that don't have eyelets.

Is that all?
Thats enough for now anyways.

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ChrisJ said...

Brass nipples and Arch or Flows sir. Eyelets are overrated.