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Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend wrap-up 5-8 Mothers day.

Hopefully this should be the last weekend that I go without biking.
Its Monday morning and once again I'm glad to be sitting in front of computer at work.
I need a rest from the weekend.

Get off work half-day. Got my 40 in, walk out the door ignoring the nasty looks of my co-workers who are ticked that I get to leave early. (Try working an extra hour each day, or coming in early).
Go home and work on the deck. I REALLY don't feel like it.
-Set all the railing posts and got them plumbed parallel to the deck. (Time consuming).
-Go back and checked plumb perpendicular, oh shit, I need to make adjustments.
It'll wait till tomorrow.

Friday night, yup I was out there till dark.

I go out to pick up some materials to give the wife a chance to sleep before I start sawing and banging.
-Adjust the posts as needed to make plumb. A big pain the ASS. Pull em down, miter them as needed, re-install and check.
-Finished the railings up that evening. That included cutting and mitering 70 or 80 2x2 ballister.

The more or less finished product taken Sunday morning.

Sunday (Mothers Day)
I got a shit-load of stuff I want to get accomplished.
My day.
-finished installing missing deck screws. Took down temporary support members. Basically finished what I wanted to get done for finishing the deck.
-cleaned the gutter out over the deck. (While I had the ladder out I ended up cleaning them all). During heavy rains the gutters over flow right where my new deck is. I don't want that so a little preventive maintenance.
-Go over mom's. Mow her lawn and trim. Do the mothers day visit thing.
-Back home. Hook up the power washer and try to get stains and paint off of new deck. It didn't work. What kind of dumb fucks use a regular paint on new lumber. If I'd known it was permanent I'd did a better job of trying to hide them.
-Clean up the construction site some.
A few different angles for posterity.
For the time being its done.
I'll work on the stairs when I have time.

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