Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend update-Memorial Day Weekend

Got home and completely sat on my ass.
Riding the past 3 days in row, needed to rest.

Thought about doing an Oxon hill road ride, I did an inquiry ride on my own. Thats a ride were I push myself to see exactly what I can do before I try to ride with a group.
Got in 53.5 miles. I was happy. I was only looking to do 47 and it was hot as a mutha. 16.2 average. Ok, so I'll need to work on that.

Gambrills state park with Billy,Laurie, and Harold. I know that they all are in better shape than me, but this would be Laurie and Harold's first time there.
I could always catch up to them on the downhills and the technical parts, which at Gambrills, its 80% technical.
No idea on the mileage but we started around 11:30 and I took off around 3:30.
Me and Harold bailed and left the other 2 on there own. Laurie's in training and not evan 30. She took 2nd in the womens sport a few weeks ago at Greenbrier.
Thats what I'm trying to hang with .

Do nothing day. Hot as mutha and I need a break . Local gas station thermometer said it was 100 degrees. I did pick up some furniture for the deck that the wife got at lowes. With that I can pretty much hope I won't hear from her again about the deck.

How do I feel?
Don't know. I'll have to see how quickly the fitness comes back.
Not feeling too shabby about things.
I hope this summers not going to be as hot as last year. Its hard getting out for long rides when you know its going to hit 90 degrees half way through your ride.

Under 100 days.

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