Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost march.

Thats right I'm getting spring fever and thinking about the biking season.
Hence the multiple posts in less than a month.

My latest project is my brother.
I come from a big fat family.
Not saying that to be mean, just the facts.
By big, I mean big boned and tall. My grandfather was 6-3,I'm 6-3, my dads 6-0, my brothers 6-2,my moms 5-8 which I think is halfway tall for a women.
Well my brother just had that stomach stapling procedure.
That'll make you feel old, when a younger sibling has a procedure like that.
I wasn't really for it. I wanted him to try and lose the weight normally, I evan offered to put him a bike togather to get him started, but he opted for the operation.
Talking to him lately I guess I didn't realize how heavy he was/is. Lets just say he's gotta lose a few more pounds till he gets to 400lbs.

So I've been going over my Redline getting it ready for him to use. I'm hoping if I let him use it on a permanet basis and get him out in the woods just once, he'll get bitten by the MTB and he'll take off by himself. I'll take him out originally on one of my "rest" days to take it nice and easy.
I told him he coudn't use the bike till he was atleast 375, which shouldn't take long . Hopefully in 2 months, it'll take the trails that long to dry out anyways.

I ordered a new set of bushings for the thud buster and plan on taking it into the shop and giving it a complete tuneup. I'm thinking I'll buy one of those big fat cushy seats that I see on comfort bikes. Just to get him started. I do have a few concerns over weather the bike can handle that much weight though. I guess if it can handle the abuse from my riding style on rough terrain it can handle a heavy guy riding easy.
It would be cool to actually have a family member be able to join me out on the trail. He was a jock in HS, so hopefully as the weight comes off it'll come back to him.


Oh, and just for the health update.
I'm still at 224 and rode the trainer for 1.5 hours last night. (While watching a movie called Warlords, it sucked. Turned it off 3/4 of the way through and put in GI Joe).


ChrisJ said...

192 sucker down from 200. Shooting for 165-170

Tom said...

Damn, losing weight in the winter?
You must be sick.