Just 99 miles to go

Monday, September 28, 2009

Working hard to lose all my biking fitness.

No riding, ALL weekend.
I went down to Cedarville Saturday morning and helped the "Friends of Cedarville". They were having a monthly workday. The project for this day, build picnic tables. They also had the "Good Sams" club out there helping.
I'm not sure what "Good Sams" are, but I think one requirement is that you are extremley old. Now I'm 44. When I say "extrememly" old I mean late 60's and 70's.
It says alot about a person who comes out to volunteer for work but seriously, your 70 years old, how much pressure treated lumber are you going to carry?
I'm guessing there were about 25 people out there. We were to break into groups and start assembling the tables, after we watched some of the maintanance people put togather the first one.
After watching them fumble around for 15 minutes, not sure of what they were doing either, Me, Bob A, Bob Sr, and a young guy Johnathon just started working on a table. Bob A is a carpenter who makes sets for plays and I have some construction skills. With Bob and me taking the lead we got the 1st one togather, way before anyone else. After the 1st one we only got faster and we're tossing them togather, ribbing the other groups of how slow they were.
By the time we quit for lunch, there were a total of 17 tables assembled, 8 of which my group did.
There were 5 groups. You do the math.
The friends pulled out a grill and fed everybody a nice lunch, which I wasn't shy about helping myself to.
After the work I talked to the ranger a little bit about starting the night rides at Cedarville again.
He had no problems with it. I just need to get the paperwork to him. I'm sure me showing up and helping with the tables didn't hurt in his decision.

Sunday, rained out in the morning and birthday dinner later on for the daughter.
Once again, cutting grass the only physical activity for the day.

I'm afraid to get on the scale.


Anonymous said...

6 hour race Saturday sir. Day of Endurance. Should come out.

Tom said...

I was tempted, but $100 to ride around for 6 hours, I'll have to pass on this one.