Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I wonder if thats it?

I decided I needed to put some thought into the ride of the new Niner. Other than raising the saddle height a few times, I've just been riding.

I put some air into the new Fox fork sometime within the last 2 weeks. Not really sure when.
I didn't have of any those.....what do they call the white things with writing?
Oh yeah, instructions.
On the Reba from my Redline, I would run between 170to190 in the positive air chamber.
(I'm not sure what a positive air chamber is but it makes me sound smart).
So the first time I checked the Fox, I don't remember the exact number but it was close to 100psi.
"Christ this thing is low" I thought. "Let me pump this baby up, it should be really nice than".
I bumped her up to 155 or 160 psi.
"That oughta do it" I thought smugly, damned proud of myself.
After Saturdays ride, I get on the Fox website and find the instructions for my Fork.
Recommended psi for my fork with my current weight is 105.
Hmmmm. That "could" explain the rough ride.
I took it down to 105 and will see how it rides tonight at the Rose.
Not the best place for checking out the plushness of a fork, but it'll have to do.

I also gotta think about my positioning on the bike. I remember when the bike tried to throw me over the bars. This never happened on the Redline.
I know I've got the seat set high. Good for the Rose and climbing but not for for techy descents.
Outta curiosity, I checked the difference between BB heights of the 2 bikes.
Old Redline-12". New Niner- 13.3"
Damn, I new I was having less peddle strikes, but shit that's over 1-1/4" higher.
No wonder I'm riding higher.
I'll have to go back to a seat post with a quick release so I can adjust the seat on the descents.

I took my zip-tied saddle into the shop with me Monday. I figured the seasoned mechanics there should have some experience with forcing the saddle back onto the rails.
Whats he do? Pulls out a huge ass screwdriver and starts prying on it. Same thing I've already tried without success. His luck wasn't any better.
So much for my $75 saddle. I'm thinking of zip tying it back and riding like that for a while.

On the health front,
weight after the ride Saturday 210.8. UFB. Never been this low before.
Monday after re hydrating and getting back to normal 214 and change.
That's still freak'n low.


Anonymous said...

I hate your timer. Race is coming to fast.

Scott said...

Was just reading your blog about sitting higher and feeling like you almost endoed on 29'r. When I switched over to a GF 29'r I found I had to go to a shorter stem and move my seat back. This was after I went over the handlebars on this 6 inch log and broke two ribs. Once I shortened the stem it made a huge difference.