Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 03, 2009

I don't wanna work.

After every good biking weekend I just can't get into work.
I'm thinking about either the race thats a month away, or the good time I had over the weekend.
Google searches for sm100 take up a good part of my time.
Did you know there is some kind of bluetooth device thats called a sm100.
We'll I do now.
Ok since I"m blogging instead of working,
Whats on my mind?
I've gotta figure out what I want to use at the sm100.
Last year I borrowed Docs HID. Not going to do that again.
It didn't put out much more light that my 20w halogen, didn't last much longer, and was heavier on the head. I've been looking at a $80 LED thats supposed to put out 500 lumen. Its a real cheap system (price and quality) but so far they are getting OK reviews. Its the type of thing thats made overseas and has questionable materials.
But hell, $80. You can't go too wrong.
I guess I better start looking into getting a new battery for the old halogen system.
Shit, a new battery alone for that is going to probly cost $80.

On the health front.
Our old scaled died, so we got a new one that measure bodyfat.
Haven't tried the bodyfat option yet but it agrees with the old scale on my weight.
Last night, 215.
Still feels weird going to scratch something and feeling bones.
I think the weight loss has plateaued. I hope so.
I've evan started eating lunch during the day. Sometimes that is.

33 days.
Do you know where your bike is?


KMAX said...

I love my Stella and it provided me plenty light alone at Big Bear this year. Better yet the light is not even noticable weight wise on the helmet and the battery isn't too bad either in the rear jersey pocket.

MSRP is a bit under $200 but with your employee discount from QBP it'd be a bit less...

KMAX said...

Sorry, it's the Stella 200N

Tom said...

I've got a small 200 lumen LED already. By Dinotte. Great light but its more of a spot. Runs off of 4AA and gets 2 hours of run. Easy to carry extra batteries.
Running one of those at BB must have been tricky.

Anonymous said...

Stella Tommy you will love her. I love mine.


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