Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 07, 2009

Bam! Under 30 days.

Just stopped by to looked at my timer.
Under 30 days and I'm not feeling too stressed.
That might change by the time the weekend is over.
I had to take last night off from the bike.
I was just feeling tired. Went home , ate some carbs and took a nap.
All before 6:30.

Tomowrow I'm headed down to Stokesville with Chris and Vescus to ride some of the course.
From aid station 2 to 4, than back to around 2.
So my next post will either be happy cause me and the bike did so well, or I'll be whining that I want to sell my entry.

Oh, I'm going to order some of the stuff to go tubeless.
After last weeks debacle with stopping every hour to fill the back tire up, I decided its worth it to give it a shot. Also, what I didn't post up was how nice the ride was when the tire pressure got a little low.


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