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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New bike is on order.

Now comes the waiting, and decision making time on components.
Chris talked to the guy from Niner on Monday. I could still pick my color, I chose the brown.
And , they were still having the special on the fox fork and stans wheelset so I ordered those along with the bike.
The fork was $300+ and the wheelset was 300+.
I know I got a deal on the fork, but I've got to check and see about the wheels.
I don't know what stans wheelsets go for but Chris said it was a good deal.
I got the fork that has the 15mm quick release set up. If I got that wrong sorry, I don't know much about it. Gotta do some surfing and get me educated.
They told me 2 weeks or around the 6th of july.
So far, just what I've ordered is more than I was planning on spending a complete Hifi so I'll have to go cheap on components.
I do think I wanna go with an external bottom bracket. With what happend over the weekend, and with the way I wear out BBs, I wanna try something different.

In other news,
I made it out to Rosaryville last night to try out my new stuff. That 8" front rotor took some getting used to. It slows me down a lot quicker than the 6" did. The new x-9 front shifter is ok. It is crisper in the shifting but doesn't feel as easy to push.
I met some guy out on the trail who had never been there before.
I followed him a while before both of us stopped at the entrance to the inner loop.
I told him he could follow me around the inner loop. Thats the only section of the rose where you could get lost if you don't know where your going. That guy could really rail the turns, especially for not being out there before, but he really lagged on the hills.
I told him to go on ahead after the inner loop. I was planning on a 2nd lap and trying to keep a decent pace for him on the turns was starting to drain my reserves. We still finished about the same time though. Any distance he got on me on the tight turns, he lost on the hills.

Training for the big race(SM100) IS lagging behind last year.
The only thing better is the weight. I'm 7lbs lighter than last year. Still at 118 and I haven't started the BIG rides yet.

I just KNOW that the new bike is going to make me faster.
I just keep telling myself that.

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