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Monday, May 04, 2009

I am Tom. Fear the mass.

The title of this post is directed towards any wheel that may have the mis-fortune of being mounted on any bike that I may ride.
Thats right, I took out another wheel on Tuesday's Rosaryville ride.
HOW, you may ask to you do you kill a wheel the buff singletrack that is Rosaryville?
Ok, you've got 230# taking a turn way faster than it was ever meant to go, unless that 230# is in a car, which it wasn't. Next you turn the bars too hard, trying to compensate for a turn that is being cut WAYYY too wide. At this point the tire is pointing 90 degrees from the direction of the actual travel of the bike. IE; Bike was pointing 1 direction, the tire was pointed elsewhere.

Bikes don't tend to work well in this combination. Its worse than the big ring, small cog combo.
At this point, things just kinda became a blur. I do remember going over the bars, and hitting ground. The front tire must of bent over. It could only rotate 1/8 turn before hitting the fork.
Another Tom who was riding beat the shit outta the tire just so it could make a complete revolution. I rode it the 1/2 mile back to the traihead.
Once at the trailhead, I realized I also effed up the buckle on one of my Side shoes.
Did you hear that? KA-CHING!!
Later that evening, I stuck it on the truing stand, after beating the shit out of it some more. I knew with my mechanical abilities I'd be able to make it rideable again.
Nope. This was the worst I'd ever seen a rim.

Just my luck, someone had posted up a pair of wheels for sale on MORE. Said he took them off of a GF Cobia after he upgraded to stans. I emailed him trying to get an idea of the shape they were in. First I asked him if he was a clyde. He told me he was AND that he mostly rode them at Gambrills.
Do you reallly want to sell these? So a fat guy riding the wheels on rocks.
He could have lied and said they came off his wifes bike who only rode bike paths.
Being desperate, and not wanting to ride my 26er more than I had to, I made the drive to Olney to get the wheels from him. He's a fellow MOREon. He wouldn't screw me. Would he?
Long story short, he didn't look like a clyde, the wheels looked good in his garage.
I gave him his $150.00 and left happy.
I got home and put them on the truing stand.
They looked great. A few minor tweaks, and they were perfect.
Finally I catch a break.


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