Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy belated New Years.

Yeah, I'm like rest of the losers who let the blog go in the off season.
What can I say.....

I've been riding very little compared to a few months ago.
Still getting out atleast twice a week but but the milage is low.
I can feel how outta shape I've gotten.
I'm not sure I could do 2 laps at Rosarvyille (20 miles) if I wanted to.
The weightlifting is going good, I feel stronger and bulkier than ever but the cycling sure is paying for it. I've been scared to get on the scale. I know most of the weight is muscle, but its still scary seeing the weight gain.

I have a retraction to make about a piece of equipment that I purchased a few months ago.
If you recall, I bragged about buying a $14 cassette and how it seemed to perform just as good as the $60 name-brand.
All WAS going well till the other day.
On a night ride at the Rose my shifting started to act funny.
Finally, while shifting once, it started free spinning.
Upon inspection I found only 8 cogs on my 9 speed cassette.
I can only assume that the 2nd smallest cog had disinegrated.
So, while its working properly, a cheap cassette is fine but when its done. Its done.

If you've noticed we've got the SM100 countdown timer going again.
I was playing with it trying to put my time from last year underneath the timer but got annoyed.
I know its not that hard. I'll try again later.

Anything else?
I think I'm going to give Yoga a shot.
I've downloaded one video so far and am going to give a few weeks to see if it helps.
I hear alot of people say how good it is.
We'll see.

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