Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thinking ahead.

Thinking ahead?
Kind of a understatement with "THE" race coming up.
I should have titled it , "actually doing something before the last minute".
Going thru my gang box a few days ago I saw my light and battery.
Just to clarify for you urban yuppie scum, a "gangbox" is the steel or aluminum box placed on the back of pickup trucks that locks, so I have a place to secure my valuables from mostly urban thugs.
Ok, thats outta the way, back to the light.
I havent' used the light since last april and a steel box that fluctuates between 40 and 120 degrees isn't the best place to store a $100.00 battery.
I better check now to see if it still works.
I charged it and than let it run in front of fan.
After an hour and 50 minutes it was starting to fade.
Hmmm, thats not very good.
I'm going to go with plan B and borrow my buddies HID with lithium battery. He offered the last time I saw him a month ago. I hope he doesn't change his mind or its going to be the 4 year halogen and my secondary LED that runs off of AA's.

I got in a little road ride on Tuesday. I think its best now to work on getting my speed up so I wanna go out with the roadie group evan if it means getting spit out the back and trying to play catch up for an hour.
Wouldn't you know Tuesday was the first time that one of their rides actually went as advertised. 27 miles with a 16 mpg average.
That was no help.
I'll pass the next time that guy leads.

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