Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeling good.

Got a ride in at the Rose last night.
I'd been off the bike for 5 days so wasn't expecting too much out of myself.
Just to keep me honest I called Doc to meet me out there.
He's getting faster and faster and is always up to beating his best time out there.
5 days off the bike was just what I needed.
I felt light and fast.
This must be what non-clydes feel like. I just seemed able to float over the rollers.
Doc wasn't feeling so hot though. I did alot of waiting but we still came in at 52 minutes.

I did a 2nd lap , with the MORE group which is advertised as a night ride but we were half way thru before the lights came on.
Kudos to Doc for loaning me his HID.
I'd left my battery holder at home.
My first time using an HID and I don't see what all the hypes about. It wasn't alot better thaan my 4 year 20w halogen or my LED which cost half as much.
HID are definately on the way out.
Don't get one. Go LED.

So I guess last nights ride just means I gotta hang out more with the roadies.
It definately helped last night.

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