Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Night rides, snow ride.

I'm the official ride leader for Tuesday night rides at Cedarville.
This Tuesday was the first day when it was actually cold.
Cold is a relative term.
This cold was only at the freezing point.
It was cold enough that at 5:30 I started getting the cancellation calls for the 6:00 ride.
The only one to show up was a relativiely new MTB'r but experienced roadie, Sue.
This would be her first MTB night ride and it was with lights that her huband made for her.
They were green.
No, thats not a typo.
They emmitted a green light.
Okay I'm exaggerating.
It was between green and turquoise.
They had found an article about how the human eye was more sensitive to greenish light and gave directions for making a green led light for riding at night.
I really didn't look at them long enough to make a comparison and I'm not sure of of his materials. I do know I would rather use my 20w halogen.
Hopefully she'll be out next week for a better review.
She only went out for 15 minutes with me to get a feel for it.
I don't think she like the idea of spending hours alone in the woods with someone who resembles the good ol' boys from deliverence.

Wed I got my first snow ride in this season.
It was blast.
Once again glad I didn't bail on a ride just because of cold temps. and freezing precipitation.


SuePer said...

Hey! You can't take any credit for my leaving early. My light was stupid green and I was COLD! Yes, I somehow manage to keep warm on the road... But since it was my first night ride, I was too spooked about the trail to ride fast enough to keep warm. And I didn't want to be the only thorn in your side...

I'll be back!

Tom said...

Come on Sue, don't bust my balls.
If I kept 100% to the facts and didn't elaborate a little my posts would be REALLY boring.

Your light was green though.

Sue said...

Ohhhh, okay! Well then, I won't tell them why I REALLY left ;-)