Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting a little better at logs.

As you can see from the previous post I'm getting a little better at logs.
The previous video was at Rosaryville with my Sunday morning regulars.
Dave M. was playing with a new video camera and got it. The videos nothing spectactular but I thought his choice of music to put it to was hilarious.

I tweeked my knee pretty good on that fall. Thats why theres no retry.
I'll get it next week.

I'd like to also brag about the group of people I ride with.
After my attempt my had a noticeable limp from the knee.
Right away Doc (I can't pronounce his real name), a real doctor offered to look at it for me.
How cool is that. Hurt yourself on the trail and have immediate medical attention.
I think he just felt like he owed me.
The previous week I did a minor adjustment to his rear derailer that fixed a major ghost shifting problem he was having.
He knows the human body but doesn't know crap about bikes.

I've been fighting a cold this whole week.
At last nights Rosaryville night ride I tried peeling off with the "fast" group.
I lasted about 2 miles before I had to do the ride of shame back to the casuals.
I hope its the cold. I thought I was faster than that.


Gary the Snail said...

So did Doc whip out the chain tool and do some reconstructive surgery on that knee???

Steve said...

I hate it when I do that. Usually I go down just when I am least expecting it, as well. I'll clear a whole series of logs, my confidence will be high, I'll be rolling along great, then boom.