Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 10, 2007

Talk about blue collar.

In the process of building my rigid Ss into a geared hardtail,

First , I've got strips of galvanized metal wrapped around my seat tube to act as a spacer for the
front derailer.
2nd, I wanted go give grip shifting a shot. I bought the cheapest thing I could find at my LBS. $14.99 for a SRAM MRX. I'd never evan heard of it.
I've got a grip shifter for the front derailer and the old trigger shifter for the rear.
Wait it gets better.
I've got an Ergon, ergonomic grip on the left side of the bar and a new clamp on style on the right. (New clamp on grip would work with the new grip shifter).

The last straw, I've got 6" of extra derailer cable zip tied to the frame at various spots.
This is until I make my mind up on what I'm going to do with the shifters.

Despite what she looks like she rode fine at Rosaryville on a shake down ride.

And as a public service, my opinion on the Ergon grips.
I had alot more problems with numbness using the Ergon that I did with the standard round grip.

I've got a big ride this weekend , I'll post up my final decision on what I like better.

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