Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm really not happy at the moment.

I try to support my LBS.
I know I'm paying a little more for stuff but usually the conveniance is worth it.
I tell them what I need or am looking for, and usually they offer up good advice or tell me what I need.
Not this time.

The whole deal with a replacement front d has just pissed me off.

First they order in the high clamp model when it should have been low clamp.
Did they ask to see the old one so they got the right thing, no.
The low clamp model they ordered in is for a 31.8 or 34 mm post.
I needed one for a 28 mm.
I told him from the start, I've got a steel frame which measures 30mm.
The 31.8 won't work but the 28 will.

So its 2 days from my big race and I'm fighting with trying to shim this front d onto the bike.
I finally get it on and tight.
Now the rear wheel is hitting the derailer. The new derailer sticks out further into the rear.
I'm paying them assholes to know shit like this.
After moving the sliding dropouts all the way back, I have about an 1/8 of clearance.
Not alot and I'm not happy with it.

This last order I got from them was around $200 worth of stuff. I could have saved between $35-$50 dollars ordering online.
I've learned my lesson. If I've gotta do all the research to make sure I get the right part why give them anything for picking a phone up and ordering it.
I'm also beginning to notice they don't stock shit but junk.
I wanted a good quality front skewer. They had to order it.
Hayes brake pad, they had to order.
The damn front d was just a damn SRAM x7. They shouldn't have had to order that.
Thats middle of the line on alot of Trek/Fisher bike (which they are a big dealer of) that are out.

Yeah, I'm really stressing about making sure my bike is working for the race.

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