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Monday, July 02, 2007

Training ride-Rosaryville loops.

The 2nd part of the race report is coming.

After my weeklong rest off of the bike, well except for the boardwalk rides with the kids and wife in Ocean City, I decided it was time for another long training ride.

I went to Rosarvyille again Sunday morning.
Grabbed a water cooler and threw a few containers of gatorade inside, some breakfast bars, some different kinds of GU's. I'm not sure what type. I grabbed a few different brands last time I was at the LBS. I couldn't tell a difference in performance.

Last time I did 5 1/2 laps, about 56 miles.
The goal for today was the same, I was hoping for 6, and 7 would be sweet.
With a whole week off of the bike I wasn't expecting too much from myself.
Took the sports legs 30 minutes before I started and dosages at 2 hour intervals. I'm going to have to up the dosage on these things. They do work but I feel like I'm right on the edge of cramping problems. I wasn't using the whole 5 pills like recomended cause I'm running low.

I did 4 laps and still felt decent.
I used the granny gear once or twice during the 5th lap. I didn't really need to but I'm learning its better to sit and spin than mash my way up some of the hills.
Face it, I'm not going to be able to mash my way up those long ass hills in the SM100.
If I don't learn to sit and spin I'm not going to be able to finish it.

Finished lap 5 and felt OK.
Took off for lap 6. No cramping but the legs were definately getting weak.
To make it short I got 6 full laps in and then rode the road for another 20 minutes or so.

So 6 laps and some road for about 65 miles or so. My computers been turning off for no reason so no definate milage.

My goal before the sm100 comes around is to be able to finish 9 laps.
Still, I know that Rosaryville doesn't compare in any way to what I'll face.
I just hope its enough.

With July arriving I realized that I've got less than 2 months to prepare for this thing.
I keep thinking about what if I can't finish the race.
All this training for nothing.

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