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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think I need a new scale.

Is it just me or do others not trust electronics.
I'm just as hyped about a new electronic as anybody else.
I love my ipod shuffle.
I love anything that has an electronic display with a touch pad.
Micro-waves, stereos, tv's.
But they cant be trusted.

1 hard thunderstorm can wipe out thousand of dollars of appliances if not safeguarded with those over hyped , "voltage surge surpressors". I don't think they evan really work.
I had a thunderstorm come through once and kill about 7 electronic items in the house.
A couple were hooked up to surge protectors. They still crapped out.

My daily weighing last night bought about this distrust of electronics.
It showed 232 lbs. 2 nights ago.
Last night 228.5.
I got on and off 3 times.
Sure its possible I lost 3 1/2 #.
I went on a ride last night, so 2 pounds could have easily been water weight but the point is I don't trust the electronic scale.

Today I purchase an old fashioned analog scales with springs and a display that spins and doesn't use batteries.

I might be 228 but who knows.
If its true, 8.5 pounds to my goal weight.

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