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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My roadbike.

I went down Saturday and picked up the new roadie. Chris, the owner of my LBS, had me go in the back with it first and put it on a trainer to do the final sizing stuff.
Evan though the "book" and charts gave us the dimension for seat post height he ended up raising it. I would have done it on my own anyways just from what I have learned about sizing my bikes.

Looking at me on it, he admitted that the largest bars that the bike come standard with aren't wide enough for me. He's going to order a wider bar and put it on for me next week for no charge. Once again, the benefit of dealing with 1 shop for your purchases. Another shop might have just told me it fits fine and sent me on my way.

After the fitting he watched me ride it around the parking lot just to make sure I looked alright.
I made a fool of myself of course.

There's a slight decline in the lot, I'm rolling down it heading towards a car. I go to grab where I'm used to brakes being and get nothing but air. I panic and put the foot down and do the drag the foot bike stop. I didn't hit anything but came damn close.

I only got a 20 minute ride in on the thing Saturday after I got home.
It just doesn't feel right.
Its twitchy for one. When I go to look over my shoulder the bike takes off in that direction.
Its feels like I'm hanging right over the front wheel and the bars are too narrow. I'll be glad to get them switched over.

I've heard that alot of people going from MTB to road have a transistional period.


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Joe Bagadonuts said...

I had the same twichy/sketchy feeling when I picked up a roadbike about 7 years ago after riding nothing but MTB's my whole riding life. I found riding "on the hoods" of the brake levers to be a good transitional position; gave me more of an upright position and I felt a little more stable. I didn't touch the drop part of the bars until after about a month riding and getting used to the skinny tire bike. You'll get used to it.