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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I is a SS'er.

I finally got the new SS out for a real ride.
Sunday, with the highs hitting 60 some degrees, yup thats in December , I got to Rosaryville.

I had did the Rose before on the geared without changing gears, but it was time for the real deal.
Actually the SSng was the easy part. Getting used to a rigid fork might be more of an issue. Its not that I can't handle the bumps and vibrations, when I know they're coming. Its the little things that I don't see or notice that throw me off. I'd be riding along and all of sudden BAM!. J H Christ! I almost lost it.

I'll have to make some modications for the hands.
No, no high dollar fork.
First some padded riding gloves. Right now I'm using some cool looking work gloves that I got from lowes. While we're on that subject let me just say they're crap for gloves. I've had them about 2 months and already a hole has been worn though the palm. My first pair of Trek gloves lasted over a year.
They won't stand up to biking. Hows somebody supposed to use them for real work.
I'm going to try some padded grips too.

I finished the first lap and as a surprise to me, I did a 2nd lap.
I really didn't think I'd be up to 2 laps on a SS my first time out.
The weather must have been kick'n the endorphines into over drive.
The legs didn't feel bad other than I notice more of a tightness in my quads than I ever remember feeling.

Monday night I also made it out to a night ride at the Rose.
Friggin beautiful weather. It hit 71 degrees during the day.
There were a total of 3 of out there for the night ride.
Are people stupid?
A chance like that never comes around.
So there it is.
December 18, a week before x-mas and I'm on a night ride in shorts and a short sleeve jersey. That'll never happen again.

Nice ride. We did a lap at a casual pace. I didn't have any problems other than a few muscle twinges.


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