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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Clearing some more trail at Rosaryville.

Another trailwork day at Rosarvyille.
There were a few more people this time. About a dozen.
Today would be different than last time.
Today we started clearing the trail from scratch. Usually we come in after it has been cleaned up a little. Not this time. The main tools today were cutting impliments. The sound of chainsaws were in the air most of day.
It was alot of heavy lifting of downed trees outta the way.
I prefer this type of work.

From what I understand, we're supposed to do the initial clearing, than the IMBA crew will be down in November and will get the bench cutting and scraping done with motorized equipment. I don't see how thats gonna happen. The machine they use is like a tiny bull dozer on tracks. I don't get how its going to get around the trees that we've been leaving for obstacles.

I bet we're back out there in a few months scraping all that by hand.
I don't look forward to that.

Afterwards we had to walk a mile and a half back to our vehicles. My knees were screaming the whole time.
God I felt old.
The back was starting to cramp some and knees were causing me to limp.
I just wanted to get my butt home and sit in front of idiot box with a mountain dew red and a bag of bbq chips .
Back at the vehicles some of the guys started suiting up to go on ride.
Are they crazy?
I could barely walk back to truck.

I finally decided I'd go with em.
The freak'n weather was great and I know we're not gonna have many more days like this. I couldnt waste it inside.

I tagged behind 3 guys , Paul, Eric, and Chris. These guys must have been napping while I was moving trees. As soon as we hit the woods, bam, they dropped the hammer. I figured what the hell. I'd hang on for as long as I could than wait for the other group to catch up to me. It didn't take long for reality to catch up with them though. After a mile I was right on their butts. I actually had to take it easy on them in some spots.

I guess the "pretend" SSing is paying off a little.

It was a great ride.
Although I was taking the hills better than them, they were still better at turns. I always ride the tight twisty stuff faster if I'm following somebody better than me.

It amazes me how I could barely walk back to the truck after the work but once I was on the bike everything felt good.


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