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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It was a weekend...and I rode.

Holy shit.
Can ya beleive that.
Well if you wanna get technical, it wasn't the weekend.
It was Labor day Monday but still it was part of a 3 day weekend so hah.

This was the infamous weekend that I'd been training for all year.
The weekend of the sm100 mountain bike race.
All weekend I kept thinking of where I was supposed to be.
Theres always next year.

I did a group ride at Rosaryville on Monday.
I took up my usual sweeping spot and held back.
The guy in front of me, Dave3, that was his designation so not as to confuse him with the other 2 Daves on ride, wasn't up for the casual/moderate pace.
Nice guy and I felt bad for him. This was his first MORE ride and his first ride at Rosaryvile. I ended up hanging back with him.

He felt bad about holding me back but I really enjoyed the casual pace.

We ended up catching up to the group anyway before the end.
3 guys were working on a broken rear D. They ended up turning it into a single speed, but they had one hell of a set up. Big chain ring up front and second smallest cog on the cassette. Screw that, I think I would have rather walked.

We caught the lead group after the leader Austin had a bad spill on a slick wooden bridge. I thought he had broken leg but luckily it was only a real good bang up job.

After the ride I helped Dave M and his brother take care of some of the debris from tropical storm Ernesto.

If you ever have the chance to do a trailwork day with Daves brother Mike, do it.
This is the skinniest guy I've ever seen and watching him try to move around logs is just too damn funny.


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