Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feel the burn!

No, not on the bike.
I get home from work and its dark.
Its cool, if not downright chilly outside.
It must be time to lift weights.
Just finished a light workout session and it feels good to feel "bulky".
I'm not evan going to worry about weather a big chest and arms are bad for biking.

Talking about the bike,
I did a ride at Cedarville again last night going "psuedo single speed".
I'm going to go ahead and get one.
Pretty sure one of the Redline models.
I'm going to talk to the guy at my LBS and see what he can find out.

The cheaper Monocog 29" is somewhere under 5 bills and should be avaliable right away. The upgraded Monocog flight should be between 8 and 9 but from what I've heard won't be available for a few weeks.

I'll wait and see what my LBS can find out.
I don't think he's really a Redline dealer, which I don't get.
He's part of the bike doc franchise and some of the other bike docs are listed as being redline distributors.

I'm started to get pysched about this Ss thing.
Ya know, it does feel kinda nice riding without worrying about shifting.
Like they say its more basic.

You against the terrain.
There is no, "Should I downshift now", or upshifting on flats and decents just to keep the legs working.

The good news is from the little bit that I've done the no shifting rides, there has been no new knee pains. I'd assumed after the first ride I'd be limping the next day but it's actually been the oppisite. My legs feel stronger from the super mashing I've had to do.

Kinda like after heavy weight lifting session. Pumped up.

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