Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do I wanna get a single speed?

Yup, the latest bug up my ass.
I'm thinking about wanting to get a single speed bike.
I'm not sure.
It could be the time of year. For some reason, I tend to get big purchases in September.
My last automobile and the one before that. Bought in September.
Is there something to the end of summer?
Subconsiouslly am I just looking for something buy to look foward too?

Ok lets get past the psychological bullshit about summer being over.
Don't most people in my position, owning 2 bikes both being hardtails, want to get a full suspension. That just doesn't appeal to me.

I seem to handle rough terrain O.K.
Before I ever went to Gambrills State Park, I would hear horror stories (ok, they weren't that scary) about how the trails there just beat the shit out you. Peoples' arms and legs being shaken off of there torsos. Thats why it took me so long to finally get out there. I gotta tell you, I was kinda disappointed.
It was rough.
I was nervous (yeah, ok scared)on some on the rocky decents but it didn't put that much of hurting on my body.

Thats my main reason for not wanting a full squishy. I don't think I'd need it. I need more help in climbing anyways so I'd rather stick to my light hardtail.

So in an effort to squash this stupid idea I took my first test.
I did a ride at Cedarville (still he easiest ride that I know of) and didn't use my gears.
I put it in a 32-18 gear combo. An easy gear for SS'ng, and didn't touch it the whole ride.
You know, it was kinda fun.
I naturally mash anyways but this was different.
Coming to hills I'd speed up to gain momentum, than stand up and mash on up.
But than on flats and decents I'd have to rest, just sort of go with the flow cause I'm not a spinner.
Uh uh, I'm never going to spin out at 100 rpm.
My legs would fall off then.

So whats next.
I'll give Rosaryville a try. Yeah, real hills.
That and I'm going to wait.
I am shopping though.
I'm looking at an option my friend put me on to.
An " On-One".
I'd never heard of them before but I found some reviews and it looks good.
It can be converted to gears and its steel.
I am jonesing for a steel frame.
I feel like everytime I take out the alum fisher Paragon its just a matter of time before I break the frame.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

You can never have too many bikes....tell Mrs Gorilla I said that! ::GRIN:: Go for it! Gonna be a fixie?

Tom said...

You first!

Mrs. Gorilla won't evan know.
Throw a little dirt on it and she'll walk right by it without a clue.