Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My first official road trip.

I'm just considering this my first because of the length.
I've ridden on the road before.
I just didn't like it and kept the trips to a minimum.

Because of my worn out middle chain ring I knew I wouldn't be doing any trail riding until the new one comes in.
I ordered it Saturday.
Come on Speedgoat.

So it was either no riding, or the road.
I am a man, but , I'm not into riding trails with just the large and small ring.
Constant bashing, or spinning isn't my idea of a good time.

So I left the house around 9:00. I headed south on rt 5 towards lexington park. The plan was to ride for 2 hours, riding time not total, then turn around.

Being new to this road riding I had no clue as to how far 2 hours would take me. 2 hours at the Rose is about 20 miles. I did know lex. park is about 25 miles and I did wanna make it there.

It was still halfway early so traffic was still light. I had made it out before the shoppers woke up.
The thing I hate about road riding is having speeding vehicles go by less than 5 feet from you. What surprised me is that I got used to it.
After and hour I didn't notice the cars as much.
As a matter of fact, I liked when large trucks went by and I got that big gush of air kinda helped push me along.

I made it to my destination with plenty of time to spare, got to my 2 hour goal and felt pretty good so decided to keep going.

5 minutes laters stuff started to go bad. The temperture started to go up, my ass started killing me, and I ran outta drink. I had left the house in just jean shorts , thanks to the wife for making me feel self consious in public, and with only a 20oz gatorade bottle.

I pushed to a 2:15 ride time and turned around.
The bad part was it had be 1/2 hour since I had passed a store to get something to drink.

The ride back was miserable. I got something to drink and rested at the wawa's for 10 minutes. Rest of the ride consisted of me constantly shifting around trying to give my butt a break. I evan resorted to standing and bashing some but the legs were toast by now and I could only take so much of that .

The last 10 miles was just a drudge fest.
Spin the pedals and stare at the pavement ahead.

Looking back on it NOW, it was real good for my training with minimal wear and tear on the bike.

I think I'm gonna buy some slicks though.
I know I probly ruined the new back tire I had just put on.


oh, 64.5 miles and 4:38 ride time .


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Pick up an extra set of wheels as well, that way you can quick change from road to trail to road and break things up a bit! As far as a road tire that does pretty well on trails, by the way, the Geax Evolution, if you are riding the 26'er, as to the 29'er, I can't suggest anything. As to the shorts, who cares what you look like? The function of the Lycra and padding is comfort and protection on a long ride!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

By the way, several weeks ago I did a 126 mile ride in 8 hrs and change! I love a good road bike!

steve said...

There are some good roads fer lycra down in the 7th district.

Seriously, some of the back roads through St. Mary's are awesome. Maybe try and get off of Rt. 5, like Loveville, Morganza. Only problem is the cars are now only 2 feet away! But they are fewer and slower.