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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lycra shorts!

Finally , after 2 years of riding I purchased my first pair of lycra shorts.
If I can get past the no pockets thing, they ain't half bad.
I finally see why everybody wears them.
Great range of motion with no binding and they're cool.
Cool as in temperature, not looks.

The worst part about them was the reaction from the wife when she saw me in them for the first time. It wasn't good.
She didn't laugh.
That might not have been too bad.
She just shook her head, sighed , and walked away.
The children. Now they laughed. They also called me bubble butt.

I also tried out bar ends.
Those I'm not so hot about although the verdict is still out on them .
They do give a another position for the hands to rest at but I thougth they were suppposed to hellp with climbing. That I'm not seing it yet .

I beleive it was a whole week in between riding. I'm really getting worried about my abilities to get in the training for the sm100. I've about given up the idea of a daylite finish and am wondering if I can evan finish.

I got out to Cedarville after work friday for an hour long ride. I thought I had hurt myself again.
I'm going around a sandy tight turn that I've got accustommed to sliding out of.
With all the rain we've gotten the sand was harder than usual.
Instead of sliding through like normal I go down on the right side. No big deal. Cedarville's floor is covered with so much old foilage you can usually count on a soft landing. I slide right on top of a 1" stub of a tree that had been trimmed down close to the ground.
Slammed my bad knee straight onto it.
I thought I was screwed but it doesn't feel too terrible right now. It feels like it did at 2 months post op the knee surgery .

Today, I got to Rosaryville for my "base" training.
The plan was for 4 laps, I only got in 3 .
It was getting hot as shit by 1 and the chain started ghost shifting onto the small chain ring.
I took that as a sign.
30 miles was enough for today.
There was no way I was going for more with a bike that was going to be deciding how hard I was gonna work .

I guess I'll have to start these base training sessions early, although I was at he trail by 9.


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Tom Stormcrowe said...

The BAr ends do help with climbing. They should be mounted at a comfortable forward angle to let you have a weight forward position to keep the front wheel down on a steep climb! Lycra is great, isn't it? The no pockets thing is why the jersey has pockets in the back!