Just 99 miles to go

Monday, June 12, 2006

Still alive and riding some.

Hello Bikng world.

I’m still in a state of transistion getting used to working the new job and trying to shut down my old business.
I got out a total of 1 time during the evening last week and once during the weekend, both at Cedarville.
Not evan Rosaryville.
Sunday was my "epic" ride day.
Rode for 3 hours and did somewhere over 30 miles.
Not sure exactly. My computer crapped out for part of the ride but it showed 30 when I finished up.

I snapped another spoke on my evening ride. I think its from my extrordinary truing skills.

Thats OK.
I’m making more money at my new job so I’ll be like the rest of you bike whores and starting me a stable with high quality shit.

I’ve decided that the Fisher Paragon isn’t the bike for me.
Its not made for clydes in mind.
I’m deciding on my next bike purchase weather to build up a decent hardtail or check out full suspension.
I’ve got a bike geek buddy who’s into 29ers and he’s my age and size so I’ve already got a reliable source for info.


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