Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Starting to worry a little.

Excuse the spelling and grammar.

I've been drinking a little tongiht and I'm sticking to my no drafts rule.
Tyep what you've got and publish . No editing.
Thats the only real way to get an honest blog.

Posts have been sparse becaurse I'm trying to close up my business and get a few day each week at the new job.

I'm getting paid by the hour at the new place.
That makes it real easy to just sit there and work until 7 or 8.
Working that late, the riding has been put on the back burner.
Whats worst is that my weekends have been spent mostly at my old shop trying to get all the loos strings togather to close her up.

NOt only is the riding getting cut back on, but the closet place to ride is Cedarville. Not the best for training for the montains of the Shenandoah.

Thus the tiltle of this entry.
I'm getting worried about weather I can get the training in for the race.
I'm still determined to enter.
Im' just not real sure about my goals.
I really wanted a daylite finish.

I'll just hope to get in some really long rides on the weekednds.
How hard can it be to get one day a week set aside for ridin

I'm guess I'm staring to see how it feels for most people getting riding time in.
Well, not yet. I'm still trying to juggle 2 things at oncel.

Did I mention the paydays at the new place.
They have direct deposit.
Every friday money just appears in my checking accoutn.
I like to call them "Magical Fridays".

Alright the buzz is really starting to kick in.

You'd thingk at 240# I'd been able to handle more than 2 beers.

I make a real cheap date.

I'm going to kick myself tommowrow with no buzzz when I read this entry.

Remember thought no editing.

Fucken A captin.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

Durn, 2 beers, eh? Well, could be worse, Bro, could only take 1! ::GRIN::

scarynickname said...

Don't worry, you'll probably still beat me.