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Monday, March 06, 2006

Very nice Rosaryville group ride

Made it out to Rosaryville for a ride that Pete was throwing. He advertised up for 2 moderate laps and than an easy.
Hmmm, a challange.
This was going to be about the same as a ride he put on a few weeks ago that got shortened down to 2 laps cause of the trail conditions. I did the 2 laps than did 1/2 lap by myself last time. It wasn’t pretty and I was a little worried about getting in the 3rd lap.
We met up at 10:30. He wanted to do the casual lap at 1:00. I’m not too sure about lap times since we extended the loop to almost 10 miles but I knew it would be pushing to get back by 1:00.
The group started out smaller than I thought we would get for the weather we were supposed to get. 7 in total. 2 who I had never met before. Ya are always meeting new people on these rides. I like to make a little game out of guessing riding styles of the people I don’t know while still at the trail head. I’ve found physical appearences and the gear count for very little. Just cause that guy is carrying a beer belly around doesn’t mean I’m gonna smoke him. The only thing that seems to count for anythng is if they are riding a single speed. If your on a SS, I’m riding behind you.
2 miles into the first loop I’m keeping my back of the pack standard position. I can tell from the stops we’re making Petes schedule isn’t going to be kept. He makes the call to split the group up.
Do I stay with the slower group or try to keep up with Pete and Craig. Craig might I add is on a SS and the skinnyest person I’ve ever seen in my life.
Hey I’m out here to push it right?
The worse that can happen is I can’t keep up and just wait around for the others and ride with them with my tail in between my legs.
Things went good though. I kept up fine and evan had to back it off on the decents. I think it was that thing about heavier riders building up more momentum on decents.
We get back and rest for 5 minutes than head back out for round 2. Craig bails at the halfway point, I continue on with Peter but decide to take the section of old trail while he continues on with the new. Taking the old section knocks about 3/4 mile off of the loop. I think I took it more to save my butt. The new trails haven’t worn in real smooth yet and the bouncing around just kills me.
I finish up my second loop, eat a sandwich and juice up and than we head back out. We’re joined by Petes friend who hasn’t been on a bike for a while, and Dave M. rejoins us from the first loop. I take my spot as sweeper, and stay there the whole ride. If I hadn’t had somebody to follow I probly would have bailed to the road half way through.
A very good day.
Although I got more mileage in last weekend, this is my new mileage record. I don’t consider road miles ,"real" and I got in about 8 last week.
I can only hope next weekend will be as nice.

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