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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Surgery Day - Friday 4/8 Part I

The big day. I didn't really have any preparations done at home. Nothing to help me get around afterward or anything to entertain me. I'd heard so many different versions of how you feel afterwards and what you can or can't do. I figure I'd just wing it.

Surgery was scheduled for 9:30 at a surgery center about 20 minutes from my house, in Waldorf . For my biking comrades, its close to Cedarville. My wife accompanied me there. Showed up 45 minutes early for the paperwork. My nerves were fine. I've had surgery twice before where I've been put under. So I knew a little of what to expect. As a matter of fact I was looking foward to getting it over with. Now my wife was another story. To the outside observer she looked fine, but I could tell she was nervous as hell. This was in turn, making me nervous. When they finally called me up to take me back I told her to go ahead and go shopping or get some breakfast and just come back in a few hours. I know that her seeing me in a hospital gown with an IV would only make it worse for her, and in turn not do my mental attitude any good. This is not a women you want dressing any wounds you might have.

The nurse takes me back and has me dis-robe, completely, including skivvies. This is only bad because I'm given the one size fits all hospital gown. Thats right, me and the petite woman next door have the same size gown. Thank god for the biking, the butts not looking too shabby this time of year.
The prep nurse comes back when I'm changed, goes through the normal 500 questions, puts the hospital braclet on , shaves the leg (of course I have to hear about how furry I am, hence the name of the blog), and puts in the IV. She asks me if I'd like a local anesteshia for the IV. Huh? I've never heard of this before. Let me get this straight, you want to know if I want you to stick me with a needle before you put the big needle in? This was a new one to me. I declined. Needles have never bothered me. After she gets it in I sorta laugh a little, because I felt practically nothing and can't believe they evan offer a local for that. She thinks I'm moaning or something and asks if she hurt me. I hate when I have to explain my jokes to people.

My doc has already done one procedure that morning, and comes by and tells me he's got another small procedure before he gets to me. He must have us all lined up for this day. He's bringing the money home tonite I guess. He takes a pen and scribbles his initials on the knee which is to get operated on (messing up my beautiful newly shaven leg) and is off to get the other procedure out of the way. They were right, it probly didnt take him 20 minutes. While he was gone the anastetiaologist? (doc who puts you under) comes over and plays 20 questions with me, and says she going to give me something to help relax me before I go in. I'm still feeling find, they must make a percentage on every drug they can pump into ya.

They wheel me back and make the obligatory introductions to everyone else who is going to help with the procedure, which at this point is useless because whatever they put into my IV is starting to take effect.

I help them get me onto the operating table then I remember them telling me to breath deeply.
Then it was lights out.

Ok, I better break this up into 2 posts. Its getting kinda long.


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