Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Last ride before surgery. Nothing special.

Last nights ride at Cedarville ended up being my last ride before knee surgery on Friday. For being at Cedarville it was an excellent ride. The temp got up to atleast 80 degrees (thats Farenheit for my European friends). I was hoping to get another one in tonight or maybe evan get to Wakefield one last time but the weathers not cooperating and I was in the field later than usual getting a job finished up. There was still some bad mud spots but I said to hell with it. I looked a mess when I got home. I went straight through everything full speed. Good times. Once again the 29er impressed me with the way it can go through some of that stuff. Keep the rear wheel weighted and that baby had got some traction.

There was a ride at Rosaryville last night but I chickened out. This close to surgery I thought I had better not screw it up now. The tree's at Rosaryville like to jump out in front of me. I haven't figured out what they don't like about me. I probly look too much like a lumberjack?

Surgery's tomowrow at 9:30. It's kinda occupying my mind right now, well that and the good times I've had on the trails and wishing I was out now.
Alright, I gotta go get the last minute preprerations ready.
See yall,tommy

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