Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tue 3/9 Lifting

As you can tell I've been playing with the blog. I finally figured out how to use the program "hello" to put in picts. That pict just cracks me up. You know he's saying "Don't F**K With Me". Links will be next hurdle tackled.

Damn this was some freaky ass weather today. It got COLD. Decided to work out in the basement. Had my day of rest/feeling sorry for myself day yesterday and just felt like sweating. (That and my wife was hogging the TV watching American Idol). I'm not too sure if I wanna try the eliptical until I see my knee doc on Monday. The cycling makes the knee feel real good, but the day after the last eliptical session it stiffened up.

So I did bench press, curls, triceps pull down, and some crunches. Also worked on leg streches. Tried to do some half squats but that didn't evan feel right.

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