Just 99 miles to go

Friday, February 04, 2005


First official post, I'll probaly go back and put in other posts that pre-date this one but this is the first official one. I wonder if this blogging thing has a spell checker.

So, I haven't ridden since Saturday at Cedarville so I'm itching to get out, and PeterBeers post on the MORE site made Tuesdays ride seem so great. I gotta start riding more if I want to get into shape.

5:00 roles around. I should start getting ready to leave for Wakefield. Uhgg, its snowing outside, cold, and I'm thinking about the traffic I'm going to hit getting into VA. I start arguing with myself, "Screw it, I'll skip and use the elliptical at home", me to myself "come on you lazy bastard, you know once you start riding your going to be loving life", "fine....I'm going ,now shut up".

The commute there wasn't as bad as usual. The temperatures were up so the snow wasn't sticking on the road.

Peter had a tandem there which I had never seen before. Already I was glad I came as I was dying to see this thing in action. The trails had a 1/2" of fresh snow on them and the ice seemed not to be as slick as last week, add in the above freezing temperatures and it turned out to be a great ride. A little slower than normal with us following the tandem but I just wanted to get out into the woods.

I learned tonight that Jasons' dad, Wayne was planning on trying the SM100. I was glad to hear this. Now maybe I won't be riding the entire course by myself. Or maybe if I don't start getting in more saddle time I will anyways.

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