Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mondays workout.

The main reason I started this blog was to help me keep track of what I do as preparation for the SM100. I figured if I put down what I do in terms of training,
1. I'd be more likely to work-out/train so I'd have something to actually record.
2. That if someone actually read this and they saw where I was doing something wrong, they could comment easily and help me out.
3. It might help someone later (a newbie) in terms of training (I doubt that right now).

So unlike most blogs, this one will seem rather boring. You have been warned.

Monday. 2/14/05
The right knee has swelled up big time. Damn it looks gross (fat and hairy). Not evan going to think about any exercises with the legs. So its to the basement and upper body workout. I'm trying to figure out how to work out now. I read in crashburns blog how his trainer is having him go 12 reps slowly. The training bible told me 20 reps. Maybe I'll try switching up on different days.
Tonight was benchpress, lat pull down, curling, crunches, and shoulder pull- ups. Then 10 minutes punching the bag to get the heart rate going. The curlings strictly a vanity thing so the arms don't shrink too much. I should save the energy for the lat pulls, but to hell with it.


joe said...

i'd stick to one plan for lifting... the "super-slow" plan that jason's doing is the same one that i'm using this year (same coach) and it's very specific in terms of number and length of reps, weight progression, etc...

i used the mountain bikers training bible plan last year and it did the job...

Tom said...

Joe or Jason, you out there?
Did your trainer explain why she (its a she right?)wanted you to train this way instead of the bible way. I'm curious about the principles behind both ways.

joe said...

*** i'm probably over-simplifying, or possibly getting this all wrong, so i wouldn't alter your program without more information from a real professional trainer/coach/etc... ***

the theory, as i understand it, behind the super-slow protocol is that the long slow reps (10 second lift, 5 second lowering, no rest at the top or bottom of each rep) will completely fatigue your fast-twitch muscle fibers and let you train your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are much more important for endurance sports like cycling.

total lifting time is supposed to max out at 60-seconds per exercise, which works out to 1 set of 4-6 reps, increase weight when you can do 6 reps. > 60sec lifting doesn't help any more, so no more sets...

for leg exercises (leg press, curl, extention, calf raise) i tend to raise the weight every 2-3 sessions (1 or 2 sessions at 4-5 reps, 1 at 6, raise, repeat)... upper body tends to take a couple more sessions to make it to 6

a standard rep gives your fast twitch fibers time to recover so you don't use your slow-twitch